evening group:
7.30 pm to 10.00 pm

Starting Monday 30th September
then every other Monday,
next 14th Oct. and then so on 
Monday evening group is full. Ask for new dates for 2020! 



          Bring one or two songs with you. Any songs. We will not use microphones. You can choose an accomppanist from the internet:google with the name of the song and look for a piano version or simply a Karaoke version. Let me know your songs in beforehand so I can also look for accompanist. You may also sing with your own instrument if you have one or without any accompany (reccomended in the beginning). I will have a computer and the loud speaker available for a piano accompany. Write down to a separate paper the lyrics so that you can see them without looking at the computer or learn the lyrics by heart. Have fun with your singing practise!