Developing is one of the biggest motivations in singing; we want to be able to sing better. Here comes the most radical aproach: singing technique can not be taught, you have to discover it yourself. Your own ears need to develop to the extend that you are able to become your own teacher.

Stanza Two is about the responsability you have to take if you want to develop in singing.

A group can be a big help in this, it keeps you focused. One needs courage and a lot of listening to your own voice without sound manipulation and you have to sing in an acoustic space. You will gain a great deal of self-confidence when you learn listening with “many different ears” and become your own master. 

Most recordings on internet have been manipulated, it is very difficult to find singing that is not autotuned or touched in any way. This means you will not hear the authentic sound. Comparing your voice to manipulated recordings is not helping you in an ideal way. You might learn to copy a style very well, but in order to  hear the colors, overtones and accurate pitch you need to hear real people and real voices. This is to get a truthful picture how your voice sounds like.

With a trained ear you will always have a clear reference point when you hear yourself either at the church or in the recording studio. You will know how you should sound like, not how the sound technician wants to hear you.You know were your most beautiful colours lay, those are the areas you want to emphazise in the recordings. 

The way we hear and listen ourselves and others has a lot to do with our personality. Developing in listening is a long but most interesting way to become a good teacher to yourself and it is a way to develop as a human being as well.You will understand that there are so many personalities and so many ways to listen, that it’s utterly important you yourself know how you sound like and that you like what you hear.