Kristiina Helin is a Finnish opera stage director who lives in Bergen, North Holland. She has a Masters degree in acting from East15 Acting School, England (

In her private life she  returned to singing seven years ago. Through singing she found the lost source of creativity and stillness and gained back her physical health.

She is trained with the following singing methods: 

David Jones; old masters singing teaching
Silent singing:Iegor Reznikoff (Christian chant)
CVT Complete Vocal Technique
Estill Voice Method  
Brett Manning; speaking level singing

She has completed a jazz singing course at the Sibelius Academy (Finland) and participated to classical singing masterclasses with François Le Roux and Peter Schreier at the Sibelius Academy during her work as an assistant opera director at the Academy

Other masterclasses:
-Otto Vallenius course (Finland)
-Mikkeli early music course (Finland) with Päivi Järviö 
-Tampere early music (Finland) with Maria Kransmo and Anna-Maaria Oramo

Private classical singing lessons with operasingers: Anita Välkki, Rita Bergman, Pekka Salomaa, Sinikka Alstela, Annika Ollinkari and Tuula Paavola.

She has been singing at the chorus of the main Orthodox church of Helsinki and at the Sibelius Academy Opera chorus. 

She apears as an alto vocalist in the recording of baritone Elja Puukko’s
Bach songs and arias.