Stanza Four is about falling in love with your own voice.

Singing needs to be practized but what is a  good practize?

To learn to sing well, It is important to find out, what are the restrictions that stop you from developing. Trying out different singing styles is a good way to find that out.This is Stanza Four.

Sometimes you are very drawn to one style and even hate another. To find out the hidden restrictions we often need to go to areas that are not so pleasent. Some emotions can be captured and protected. We need to tease them out in order to get in contact with them. A good practise is a very broad practice. The more open you are to different sounds the more you learn about voice.

It will be rewarding, you will fall in love with your own voice and that means you fall in love with yourself.

Hereby a few examples:

One can sing by using only speaking voice; there is a chorus in Finland that is known for its shouting. It is called “Huutajat” which means “The Shouters” and they “shout” great! Have a look here

A beautiful example of vulnerability and openness is a classical version of Edith Piaf’s Je ne regrette rien

Lara Fabian and her emotional outbrake: Je suis malade

A Bulgarian singer Smilyana Zaharieva hits the Guinnes world reccord with a big, loud and beautiful voice and talks about the healing power of singing: