Building a beautiful house inside of yourself with singing

Did you know that Karaoke comes from two different words: karappo okesutra and it means “empty orchestra”?

Karaoke was invented in Japan in the early 1960’s and since then it has spread arround the world.

We often think of Karaoke with a smile, nevertheless through Internet Karaoke has become much more than a funny entertainment, it is a ten billion dollar bussines. It looks like singing is something people want to do by nature.  

Today you can sing Karaoke with a full symphony orchestra or with a professional pianist alone at home. You can also find countles amounts of singers to listen to and like that learn to sing. Or, if you prefer, there are who knows how many singing teachers online and all of them can be helpfull to a certain point.

At some stage you might feel  singing alone is not enough or you need more “ears” for your singing.

Perhaps it has been difficult for you to keep up practicing alone or you are stuck to one level or maybe you’ve just come to a point were you want to commit yourself to singing in a more serious way, to find your full potential, your true voice.
It may also be just this: you want to try how it feels to sing in front of other people in a secure atmosphere, where you don’t have to be afraid of getting hurt. 

The group can be a very helpful and powerful tool to learn more about yourself and about your singing. In a group you learn immensely by listening and observing others.

If you are willing to work in a group and learn the meaning of uncritical listening, positive feedback and sincerity towards yourself, this course could be for you.Go to Stanza One to find out more.